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Humpback Whale Viewing in Ponta do Ouro

DERC is a certified World Cetacean Alliance Responsible Whale Watching operator.


Between the months of June and November we welcome the majestic humpback whale migration were we observe these graceful beings moving between their Antarctic summer feeding grounds and winter breeding grounds closer to the equator.  From land; breaches, blows and pec waves can be seen as the whales pass by in large numbers with sightings that peak between August and September.


During this time our waters come alive as the whales can be heard communicating down below. Grunts and groans and barks and squawks are some of the social sounds whales use.


Males are famous for their structured songs which are said to be used as a sexual advertisement directed to females and establishing male dominance.​ 


  • 1 launch (2hr)

  • Pre-launch boat & ocean safety.

  • Introduction to marine mammals in the area and the humpback whale migration, research & conservation efforts.

  • Snorkel tax & Gear use

  • Photos on-line

R800 p/person Mtn3600 p/person 

Minimum 6 adults

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