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Often described as experiential dolphin workshops, alternatives offer opportunities to connect and get in-touch with an array of interesting people, concepts and philosophies and of course create a nurtured space for human-dolphin connecting to take place. Retreats offer meditations, yoga, animal communications, breath and energy work and play to name but a few. They create an opportunity to welcome in growth, change and transformation.  Over the years we have had the wonderful opportunity of meeting some extraordinary people that have continued their own special journeys with the Dolphins of Ponta! These select group of light-workers facilitate workshops combining their unique skills together with our work to offer dolphin retreats that encompass a broad spectrum of holistic and spiritually enlightening components. Please contact our special light-workers directly in order to enquire and get a better feel for what is offered during their retreats.


06 to 11 March​ 2020

14 to 19 August 2020

This 5 night retreat is a time to:

Interact with wild dolphins. Learn to snorkel. Attend informative talks on dolphins, their behaviour and therapeutic effects in humans. Experience daily yoga classes. Enjoy healing sessions. Be creative with Art therapy. Breathe, meditate, relax and take some time to connect and be free. Socialise on a Sunset tour

Day 1 : Travel from Durban

Day 2 – 5 : Enjoy the experience

Day 6 : Travel back to Durban

Cost : R 12 400


Comfortable air-conditioned Shuttle bus – return trip from and to Durban Airport

Return transfer from and to border / Ponta Do Ouro

Shared e-suite air-conditioned accommodation (single supplement available)

Interactive dolphin boat trips

Delicious 3-course breakfasts and dinners daily

Excludes :

Flights / Transport to Durban Airport (where the dolphin experience shuttle bus collects and drops off participants for the retreat)

Snorkel gear and wetsuits (these can be hired in Mozambique or bring your own)

Extra meals and drinks

Scuba gear (optional)



+27 83 558 2555


15 to 20 March 2020 with Tammy

Immerse your mind, body and soul in 5 days of intuitive healing, awakening, animal communication and connection with the dolphins and elephants. Days will be filled with magical dolphin swims, a trip to the Maputo Elephant Reserve, healing meditations and an intuitive animal communication workshop

Let yourself be spoilt, allow your inner child to come out and play and reconnect with the true essence of your Spirit, Soul, Nature and the animals.


5 Nights accommodation at the magical Gala-Gala Eco Resort with brunches and dinners included

Three magical dolphin swims* with a snorkelling introduction and presentation on the local dolphins

A full day trip to the Maputo Elephant Reserve to connect with the elephants

Animal communication workshop, soul time, healing meditations and lots of relaxation and reflection time

Border transfers fro Kosi Bay border to Gala-Gala Eco Resort (Transfers from Maputo International Airport can be arranged at an extra cost if you would like to fly directly into Mozambique)

Snorkel Gear


Spending money, International traveler visa costs and drinks. 

R11 500/ $900 / £800 per person sharing or R12 500 / $1000 / £900 single supplement

To book email:  


If you are one of those people who love to share you teachings and work while in the company of wild dolphins, the encountour​ is the ideal foundation for a workshop. Dolphin Retreats include a minimum of a three launch encountour that includes a confidence building snorkel workshop for  your participants who will  be properly informed and educated about dolphins and the marine environment. The lodge Lar do Ouro offers undisturbed and private facilities for those interested in co-facilitating a retreat. It is the perfect holistic retreat venue for  groups as it offers full catering and private spaces for workshops. The venue is small and exclusivity is available on block bookings to ensure no disturbance.​​ Alternative venues are available.

10 Full paying guests less: 10% 

Facilitator x 1: pays 50% of accommodation, meals & Dolphin Encountour

(cover costs of snorkel tax, activity pick-ups, tee-shirt and gear use)

6 Full paying guests less: 5%

Facilitator x 1: pays 100% of accommodation, meals  & Dolphin Encountour

(cover costs of snorkel tax, activity pick-ups, tee-shirt and gear use)

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We believe that dolphins offer a form of healing and have over the years worked with many special people who have come to seek some dolphin help. As we are working with a wild, non-captive population of dolphins, the whole experience combined can only be a recipe for healing. The adventure of getting to Ponta via 4x4, the snorkel course to get one prepared and calm, the adventurous and fun boat ride, the sun on ones face and the wind in ones hair,  the attentive and caring crew and of course our wonderful dofriends all work together in offering a non-captive therapeutic experience. The warm Indian Ocean in itself is therapeutic, offering a natural buoyancy that creates a feeling of weightlessness that creates a relaxing a stress free space.

​Dolphin Assisted therapy (DAT) is a controversial topic that is often frowned upon by some in the scientific community and welcomed by those whom have a spiritual connection to this existence. There are as many writings for and against dolphin assisted therapy and as an organization that was founded with spiritual values we have had to embrace science in order to fully understand the delicate balance and similarities that actually exists between the two. Dolphin Encountours however does NOT support DAT with captive animals and works with Eco-Therapy which encompasses working with nature as a catalyst to healing and just being!

Our programs offer this shift if one is open and allows it. The dolphins are not miracle workers and cannot fix disabilities or deformities however they do offer enlightenment. A deep sense of content is felt after an encounter, where hours are consciously spent contemplating your experience with divine creation. Simply by being in the now and experiencing nature in all its power we feel can be a catalyst to change.

The idea that human interaction with dolphins may be beneficial was first formulated in the 1960s by Dr John Lilly, who studied dolphin-human communication and suggested that dolphins could help humans learn to communicate better with one another. Lilly’s ideas were extended into the 1970s when dolphin researchers began examining the effects that interacting with dolphins appeared to have on humans.

Worldwide research suggests that swimming with dolphins has the possibility to de-stress and relax; alleviate depression, assist with insomnia and help disabilities such as ADD, autism, muscular dystrophy and downs syndrome to name but a few. It has also been suggested that the boost of infection fighting cells stimulate endorphins and hormones as well as a change in brain wave states from Beta to Alpha and Theta states which are those of deep relaxation, increased alertness and meditation to name but a few.

Dolphins sonar is said to alter cell structure and can be clearly felt and heard when the dolphins are emitting their echolocation. The closer the range the more intense the energy. Just float in the water and feel…Ancient written records document the use of sound to heal the sick and alter states of consciousness. Philosophers Plutarch, Plato and Aristotle all taught that sound was curative. Nowadays it is accepted that sonic stimulation can be used to alter states of consciousness and heal…​