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Dolphin Diary 180521

This morning found us setting off in great sea conditions once more with a slight offshore blowing.The forecast had predicted a sprinkling of rain early morning - however the rainclouds stayed offshore for us!

A pod of the local #dolphinsofponta were sighted on our norther leg in the middle of Ponta Bay. The large, mix pod was heading north - and amongst the sea of dorsal fins adult males Feather, Avalon and Skellitor were spotted.

Images: 1: Adult male Feather 2: Beautiful skies 3: Juvenile with large remora and skin lesions 4: New fin female! 5: Belly up circle swimming 6: Thank you to Keith, Colleen and the kids for joining us!

Visibility sadly had not improved and we were grateful that our dolfriends were so accommodating!

Volunteer Emma was initiated into the circle swimmers club after having dizzying circle swims with a young female who - interestingly enough Emma unknowingly met two days before!

It was a beautiful dolphin diving day!

Please visit our album page for images and screen grabs of encountours taken by our team!


Thank you to our respectful dolphin observers, the local #dolphinsofponta and DolphinCare Volunteer Emma for the great video edit.

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