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The implementation of the photo id project together with in-water filming created the perfect platform for media exposure. The Dolphins of Ponta had their first media debut in 1996 with the screening of Dancing with Dolphins on 50/50. Subsequently they have graced the pages of many a magazine and newspaper and have been featured on tv and have been the stars of movies, commercials and documentaries. Our dolphins are famous and have put Mozambique’s Marine Mammal Tourism industry on the map with the area drawing visitors from all over the globe.


Angie is passionate about filming and photography and together the team have been able to capture some wondrous moments with the dolphins and other marine life. Angie's in-water records have been used in productions including that of BBC's  The Spy in the Pod and more recently Spy in the Wild - Mischief.

Angie has captured some extraordinary events with the Dolphins of Ponta and records all encountours in-water with our finned friends and marine megafauna. This is available on our social networks for our guests non-commercial use. High definition is available on request for the use in commercial film making, documentaries and advertising.  All footage has been shot within the boundaries of ethical marine mammal tourism protocols.

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