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Dolphins of Ponta

Some 250 Bottlenose dolphins have been catalogued in the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve as well as a handful of Humpback Dolphins.

Dolphins, like humans have a fingerprint and although sometimes we have to wait for that fingerprint to form in dolphins, each animal, as time goes by develops a unique and individualised fin.

Some dolphins however bear other useful identification markings that can be used too, like Gilly for example. For a couple of years she was only identifiable through a series of rake marks. As the years passed she developed a slight notch at the bottom of her fin and then another in the middle and then one day - her fin changed completely!

The ever changing dorsal fins; caused from wear and tear, predation, fishing line and boat interactions keep us on our toes as we try to keep track of who is who in the Reserve.

This poster was prepared for the WCA conference in Durban 2017 and is on display at our office in Ponta do Ouro.

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