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Dolphin Diary 080521

With a slight offshore blowing this Moring - the dolphin team headed off with a small group of peeps in search of our finned friends.

Halfway through Ponta bay a nursery pod was observed in the coastal shallows close to the backline. The pod was traveling and in the company of adult males who were seemingly ushering moms and babes through the bay.

In-water it was clear that the pod was on a mission and had no time to engage with us on-lookers. All was not lost however as the pod passed closely by while we respectively observed from our floating vantage point on the surface of the sea.

Images: 1: Volunteer Emma assisting Dallas with boat preparations before pushing in.

2: Sunrise over Ponta Point.

3: Adult male passing close to the camera 4: Pregnant female passing by.

5: A juvenile with some interesting lesions. 6: Dolphin Smiles

Thank you to our respectful dolphin observers and thank you to the local #dolphinsofponta.

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Main Beach, Ponta do Ouro, next to Beach Bar & launch-site

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