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Dolphin Diary 100521

This morning offered the perfect wild dolphin encountour day with flat seas, little to no wind and good visibly.

The calm and pleasant boat trip up north found us locating some of our finned friends just south of Madajanine Point. The hunt was on and three dolphins could be seen chasing and munching down on small silvery fish.

White flashes of a belly snaking swiftly just beneath the sea surface - then boom - fish in the beak!

You can check out what we call 'belly up' hunting in the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve below.

Soon after, the small pod of three dolphins approached the boat and when slipping in we were greeted by female Ritz and two males who all, seemingly took the opportunity to closely inspect us humans and engage in some circle swimming.

Images: A selection of pics from our time with our dolfriends. Ritz showing off a belly-up circle swim in image 6 and an interesting stinger can be seen in image 7. Image 10: Ritz and her merged freckles. Image 11 & 12 - Young adult male with a damaged pectoral and possible shark lesion on tail stock with rake marks.

At the end of the encountour the three social dolfriends merged with Gilly and her babe before heading off north - back on the hunt.

Thank you to Hildo, Harry and Co and thank you to the local #dolphinsofponta.

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