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Dolphin Diary 230521

Sunday Fun Day! With calm waters and a slight offshore blowing it was good to go this morning! By 7:30 we were in-water, observing the local #dolphinsofponta in the coastal shallows of Malongane.

Just short of an A class swim - the 16 minute encounter left us all speechless as dolfriends seemed to revel in the visit as much as us.

At first three females - including E.02b bdm initiated the encountour and a few minutes later the rest of the pod arrived; Grandmother Sabby together with daughter Sheshy and her babe, together with other mums and offspring appeared out the the hazy green waters time and again as they milled around us surface dwellers whom for some, the experience was long awaited and just what the stress doctor ordered; out in the open, with fresh air and nature settling the soul and soothing the senses….

For Angie it was the little dolphin with the LARGE remora or suckerfish as sometimes called, and OH so interesting criss cross lesions! This is not the first dolphin seen with these interesting marks and one has to ask if they are caused from the remora - to something else?

Images: 1: Remora on young juvenile 2: Dolphin Smiles 3: Direct approach from SheShy 4: Calm seas - the perfect ingredient to a good encountour 5: Angie trying to get a close-up of the remora - success! 6: Approach of the ladies....

Please feel free to post your comments below!

Please visit our album page for images and screen grabs of encountours taken by our team!


Thank you to our respectful dolphin observers, the local #dolphinsofponta and DolphinCare Volunteer Emma for the great video edit.

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