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Dolphin Diary 270521

Although a tad bit chilly - sea state was on our side and the local #dolphinsofponta were plentiful with multiple pods observed in the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve.

After returning inshore - after a whale (no luck there) run offshore we picked up some fins heading south around Ponta Point. The large, mixed pod spent time between surfing and traveling in backline. Slipping into the water - winter green welcomed us once again as we waited to see if some members of the pod would peel off for a visit.

Images: 1: Adult males passing by 2: Direct approach 3: Beijo & her lower jaw lesion 4: Reflection 5: #DolphinEncountours

While the main pod continued on their merry way - a small group of mostly females made their way out of the surf for a visit and visit they did. A little later the main pod returned and they started cruising north - back around Ponta Point were we noticed more dolphins milling around.

It was great to see Beijou (Kiss) again - she can be easily identified from a healed up lesion on her lower jaw! Her and another female spent some time circle swimming while showing off their breakfast - small little flounders that they had located while bottom grubbing in the sand below.

Needless to say it was dolphin smiles all round as we all emerged feeling humbled at the close encounter with the dolphin kind.

Thank you to our respectful dolphin observers, the local #dolphinsofponta and volunteer Emma for the images and video edit.

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Please visit our album page for images and screen grabs of encountours taken by our team!


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Main Beach, Ponta do Ouro, next to Beach Bar & launch-site

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