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Dolphin Diary 290521

This morning a gentle offshore greeted us as we pushed in and made our way up the coastline. By 8am we had located a pod of the local #dolphinsofponta heading south coming around Malongane Point. The pod of around some 30 dolphins were traveling and surfing - however a number of our finned fiends came out to the boat and once we had slipped into the water we were surrounded by friendly dolfriends!

Images: 1: Female Scarf 2: Volunteer Emma having a circle swim 3: Observing 4: Belly up circle swim 5: Eye to Eye

Adult female Scarf, named after the large long scar the runs above and below her one pectoral came in for some close circle swimming with Angie while volunteer Emma enjoyed some exhausting circle swims with some younger dollies.

It has been such a pleasure watching Emma’s relationship with the dolphins develop over the past month. It’s pretty awesome to watch them single her out for a bout of conscious interaction.

At one point the cutest little boy arrived for some human time - amongst a cacophony of excited whistles he darted closely around and between us - allowing us all to revel in his cuteness.

Thank you to our respectful dolphin observers, the local #dolphinsofponta and volunteer Emma for the images and video edit.

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Please visit our album page for images and screen grabs of encountours taken by our team!


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