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Dolphin Diary 270421

A slight onshore greeted us this morning as the sun burned off what was left of a fairly heavy mist.

The swell has dropped off somewhat and as we slowed for lifejackets some surface splashes were seen off in the distance - possibly ‘chop’ caused from a dive boat heading off to Atlantis or just maybe it was a pod of dolphins…

Lucky for us it was the latter and we were soon joined by a nursery pod that where making their way inshore.

Local ladies Tatti, Freya, Gilly, Adot and another mum were seen with their babes, together with female Ritz. While mums and some of the calves were resting nearby, Ritz - between circles swims and camera inspections guided two calves between and around observers allowing us all to get a special up-close view of dolphins in the wild,

Images: 1: Ritz in the company of two calves coming in to circle swim 2: Candice and Ritz

3: Ritz having a good buzz at the camera 4: Ritz and her jumbo freckles

5: Freya, her male offspring and Ritz 6: Discipline time for the young

All April Images - Click to Sea

Towards the end - playtime was over and mum Freya together with Ritz can be seen disciplining the little one on the sand below.

Thank you to our respectful dolphin observers and thank you to the local #dolphinsofponta.

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Main Beach, Ponta do Ouro, next to Beach Bar & launch-site

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