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Dolphin of Ponta 'Jabu'

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Mamma Dolfriend Jabu (B.24b bdm) takes the spotlight this #finfriday! This local #dolphinsofponta is a transient bottlenose dolphin, meaning that she is seen only every now and then. Since making it onto the DolphinCare database in 2005, Jabu has been recorded 88 times unlike Bo, a known resident who has been encountered 618 times over the same 15 year period. As you can see Jabu’s dorsal fin is very recognisable and easy to pick out in a sea of fins - although it does bear a similar resemblance to adult male Gaza - another transient!

Jabu received her name after one of Mozambiques first ever lifeguards - you guessed it, his name was Jabu! At first we thought she was a he, but alas in 2007 that all changed when Jabu was observed with a calf! Jabu is a mature female estimated to be over 30 years old given her fused freckles and most time she is encountered, she has a child in tow. When in the area she is often seen in the company of residents Bo, Rocha, Gilly and Gulliver!

Just before CV19 we encountered Jabu in the company of her daughter who now has a damaged tail and a little top notch on her dorsal making it great to identify her! We shall call her Jelly from now! The dyad was seen in the company of new mom Rykie. Watch the video below to see how Jabu approaches the camera seemingly checking in on softly, before Rykie and her babe approach for a bout of conscious interaction with Jelly who does not have an issue getting a circle swim going with dolphin guide Sabrina!

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