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Dolphin of Ponta 'Freya'

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Switching to some girl power this #finfriday with local lady Freya (C.04 bd08t) in the spot light today! Freya first made it onto the DolphinCare catalogue in the July of 2006! Two years later in February 2008 she was photographed with a calf.

Over the years #dolphinsofponta Freya has been regularly encountered in the reserve and while under watchful eye has reared three children in our coastal shallows. In 2013, Freya was recorded with a calf once again, this time we could confirm a little boy - that went on the earn the name of Freddy! In 2017, Freya was filmed with a series of interesting lesions - some of which look like they could possibly be caused from an encounter with a predator!

Towards the end of 2017 and through-out the whole of 2018 Freya was seen with a swelling belly - however it was only in the November of 2019 that she calved once more - suggesting that she lost an offspring in between. As you can see her dorsal fin has remained pretty unchanged since first sighting.

We can’t wait to get back to sea after CV19 to check in on her and her babe who is now going on 6 months old!

Watch Freya having a bout of conscious interaction with @AngieGullan while pregnant - here she was observed in the company of pregnant females.


To find out how you can go about adopting one of our special finned friends please visit the site of the Society of Dolphin Conservation in Germany.

Don’t forget to checkout our partners at the World Cetacean Alliance to find out more about our vision of A World where cetaceans are only found in the wild, are respected and fully protected!

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