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Dolphin Diary 300521

What can we say - magical May is certainly living up to expectations, both with weather and dolfriends. This morning offered up a great observation of the local #dolphinsofponta who were sighted on our northern run up the coast.

The pod spent time coming and going as they milled around in the coastal shallows and once in-water we were able to observe a resting pod of mums and their babes below while male RemmyBoy and females Sheshy and E.02b bdm aka O2 and some their kids took time to come and visit - including one little one who still has the pesky remora and seemingly worsening lesions.

Images: 1: RemmyBoy with a fresh lesion 2: RemmyBoy's scar on lower jaw & rake marks 3: Juvenile with lesion 4: Sheshy 5: Who is watching who.

It has been a while since the dolphin team have met up with RemmyBoy who has undergone a bit of a fin change and has a new lesion on the top of his rostrum! Lucky for us he has a pretty cool dark patch on his side as well as a distinct bottom jaw scar that we can match to! At one point he got super excited and broke out into some pretty cool whistling and belly showing before heading off on his way.

Thank you to our respectful dolphin observers, the local #dolphinsofponta and volunteer Emma for the images and video edit.

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Please visit our album page for images and screen grabs of encountours taken by our team!


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