Please note: Transfer companies are not managed or maintained by DERC. It is the visitors responsibility to confirm and settle up payment direct with provider.


Kosi Bay Border: R250 p/p

Return transfer Maputo Int Airport: ~ Mt8 000 oneway (car carries 4)


Closest point of entry: Kosi Bay / Kwanganase border post - Northern KZN.

  • 4x4’s are required in and around Ponta do Ouro &  surrounds.

  • There are two secure car park areas (SA and Moz side) at R60 p/day for non 4x4 vehicles and busses.

  • If you are bringing your own 4X4 vehicle please clear customs on both SA and Moz sides.

  • Third party fees R250 per vehicle.

Estimated travel times:

  • Traveling by car from Johannesburg will take 9-11Hrs. 

  • Traveling by car from Durban will take about 4-5Hrs. 

  • Traveling by car from Richards Bay will take about 3Hrs. 

  • Traveling by car from Maputo ±2Hrs. 

PLEASE NOTE: The road is ONLY tarred to the Market area. Thereafter the roads are soft sand and not suitable for non 4x4's and busses. 


  • Durban or Richards Bay & transfer in or hire  a vehicle.

  • Maputo & transfer in (DAYLIGHT ONLY)

  • Ponta do Ouro landing strip.

Visa Requirements

SADAC passport holders do not require a visa to enter Mozambique.

  • Foreign passport holders require a visa and this is best obtained prior to arrival in Mozambique and SA (if in transit).

  • Tourist visas available at border or airport ±US$50 or at a Mozambique Embassy close to you. 

  • Passports must be valid for 6 months and have at least three un-stamped, blank pages.

  • Duel citizenship - travel on your valid SA passport to avoid visa costs.

  • Once arriving at the border, please clear immigration and customs and wait by immigration office for transfer 


Traveling with Children

As from the 1 June 2015, an unabridged birth certificate will be required if traveling with minors under the age of 18 over and above the passport. Please consult home affairs for requirements.

Border allowance

  • Foodstuffs to the value of $US 200. 

  • ADULTS are allowed: 1L of spirits 2,5L (3 bottles) of wine 2 cartons (or 400) cigarettes.

List of documents required to bring vehicle into Mozambique.

  • Certified copy of vehicle registration/vehicle

  • Confirmation that their insurance company has been informed that the vehicle will be crossing borders

  • A certified letter from the bank giving authorisation to take the vehicle across the border indicating dates of travelBank letter and licence papers should be signed by a Commissioner of Oaths.

  • Rented or borrowed cars must present an affidavit from the police giving authorisation from the owner/rental to take the vehicle abroad.

Covid Travel

  • Beach Times: 5am to 6pm; no large crowds, not alcoholic beverages allowed on beach.

  • 72hr valid PCR test to be shown on arrival into Mozambique.

  • Testing stations are available on the SA and MOZ side for ±R300.

  • If departing from Maputo international a 72hr valid CV19 test is required; obtainable from the Lenmed clinic in Ponta do Ouro @ Mtn5000.

  • CV19 regulations apply: masks, social distancing and disinfecting.

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Dolphins and Whales

Swimming with marine mammals is NOT allowed in the reserve unless with one of the permitted operators. Vessels including kayaks are not permitted to approach within 300m.

Scuba Diving & Chumming

Scuba diving only permitted with a registered operator.

The chumming for any species is not permitted.


Remove you rubbish off the beach.


Driving on the beach is not permitted.



Limited ONLY to those for fishing and all vessels are to stay 300m from all marine mammals and whales sharks.


Please do not approach nesting females. Turn off beach front lighting between October and February.


No bottom fishing or catching of shark permitted. Bill fishing requires a permit. The Reserve supports catch and release.

Shells and harvesting

The harvesting of shells, ornimental fish and coral is not permitted. Please do not support the local curios in purchasing animal products

Ocean Safari tours in Ponta do Ouro are not permitted to approach marine mammals and megafauna within 300m. Any vessel found to do so will be reported to the authorities and the relevant action will be taken.