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Dolphins should never be chased or herded in order for you to get a closer look, they should come to you out of their own free will.  This is what we call conscious interaction.  

Angie Gullan

We specialise in creating a safe space for intimate encounters to take place with wild dolphins while contributing to their wellbeing. We are happiest when we are out in the field, checking in on our finned friend’s and are deeply committed to our role in protecting their environment. Our experiences with wild dolphins are organic and spontaneous; by allowing oneself the opportunity of  doing multiple launches almost certainly guarantees a bout of conscious interaction & an eye to eye encounter with the resident dolphins in the big blue. 

With almost three decades of experience in the resident dolphins behaviour and the coastal shallows of Ponta, our team will take you on a truly memorable experience that will leave you a little wiser in understanding the way of the wilds.

The weather plays a large role in our tours that are best in calm seas which are conducive to spotting and snorkelling. Our tours do not take place in rough seas, high swell and heavy rain. You can keep updated by visiting Windguru and Windy. Generally tours do not take place in more than 10/5 knots of wind. depending on direction.

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