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Dolphins of Ponta - Sheshy

Keeping up with the local Dolphins of Ponta is not an easy task! With changing dorsal fins, the Dolphin Team have to keep a close eye on individuals within a catalogue of some 300 dolphins!

Sheyshy first made it onto the Dolphins of Ponta ID catalogue in 2009 as a juvenile with Mom Sabby. They are both classified as resident dolphins in that they are sighted throughout the year in our Reserve.

In the beginning of October we saw a fin who at first glance we thought was Lady, however it was only after closer inspection on land did we establish that it was in-actual fact Sheshy with an interesting new notch that resembles that of Ladies!

Over the years we have had the opportunity to monitor Sheshy and have watched her grow and develop into a fine young lady! She is around 13 years old now and we are keeping close eyes on her as she expects her firstborn.

The series of images tell a little bit of her story, one of which is an encounter with a shark that left quite a wicked mark! In January this year she was filmed by Angie having a vomit, and in April with a swelling belly!

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